Being Different,

not Disabled.

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Our Story......

It all started with the story of a slow learner child who couldn't fit in the mainstream school environment. Despite being diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder (ADD), a neurological disorder that causes a range of behavior problems, one of the parents still refused to accept the existence of this learning disorder in his child.

Being associated with the education sector for 7+ years, we realized that there are many instances where a student can't perform well because s(he) learns differently than others. The parents, instead of helping their children, blame them for their academic shortcomings. You must have come across children like these at least once in your life. Around 10 to 18 percent of children in Pakistan suffer from learning difficulties. Yet most of these cases go undiagnosed. Even if they are diagnosed, there is little to no guidance/resources for the parents to help their children.Thus, we initiated Diffables to cater to all the needs of children with learning difficulties.


Our Objectives......

  • Create awareness and acceptance for Learning Difficulties across Pakistan
  • Help children unleash their unique learning pattern.
  • Use of digital technology to provide quick and convenient solutions.
  • Provide relevant resources to aid their learning process.
  • Contribute towards the achievement of SDG Goal 3 good mental health and wellbeing & SDG Goal 4 promote inclusive and equitable Quality Education.

Our Team


Nehal Jumani

Founder & Strategic Mastermind


Nimra Faisal



Rimsha Anis

Marketing Guru


Hafsa Hassan

Content Wizard


Hira Asif

Program Maestro


Zoha Shujaat

Outreach Ninja